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After designing a very promising project, in 1986 Carlos Gómez and Juan José Luna founded the LUGO NOVIAS® firm in Barcelona, ​​a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of bridal accessories (veils, gloves, can-can and tulle) with a great acceptance of their merchandise throughout the Spanish market, becoming the main Spanish firm.

A year later, seeing the great results obtained, we embarked on the manufacture and distribution of wedding dresses nationwide, becoming one of the most recognized and prestigious firms in the sector.

Open to the international market

LUGO NOVIAS®  has its headquarters in Barcelona, ​​from where it organizes all the national and international distribution of bridal and party dresses. We have distributors in Portugal, Italy, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Greece, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Mexico, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Malta and Brazil.

In the year 2000 we took another big step in our project. Seeing the results obtained in the sale of bridal dresses and listening to the requests of our clients, we launched the collection of festive dresses at the global level.

30 years wearing dreams.

In LUGO NOVIAS®   We created a style that has evolved constantly in these last 30 years adapting to the current bride so that she feels comfortable with her dress on the most special day of her life.

In these years we have adapted to the demands of the market and we have catered to all the needs of our clients dressing any woman regardless of size and models, at very affordable prices on wedding and ceremony dresses.

LUGO NOVIAS® is formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the sector who put all their efforts into designing the best dresses. This capacity for cooperative work and commitment to professionalism has allowed the firm to renew and grow at all levels, because:

·        We put hope, love and passion into everything we do and the quality of our products.

·        We are committed to our work by constantly selecting and renewing our product.

·        We work with respect and honesty towards our clients.

·        Our experience is evident, since we have been wearing dreams for 30 years and making a woman's most special day a reality.


The success of LUGO NOVIAS®   is the artisan clothing, the constant innovation and creativity in the designs of the dresses thinking of the most modern brides. The quality of the designs and our collections, together with the careful attention that we give to the client, are very important factors that keep supporting our designs year after year.

  We think that the designs are made to favor the body and highlight the figure of each woman, so we have sizes ranging from size 38 to size 66. The entire process of creation until the arrival of the dress to the store is supervised by the design and product team. This fact guarantees the quality in the manufacture of each dress. Our designers work closely with the establishments, listening and nurtering the market trends and every detail, making each dress special.